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Fail to plan. Plan to fail!

Business Planning & Brokering

British professionals learn from an early age that nothing gets suitably done without a proper plan, foundation and a clear road map with enough short cuts and exits to guarantee a pleasant journey.

So if you have a new business idea that is viable to become a business venture, you cannot afford to take it to the market without a clear guide and a strong financial safety net in case you take an unexpected fall. A very high percentage of new business endeavours fail in their first year for not contemplating the many odds stacked against them before starting their new trading venture.

We work with you to develop the Business Idea and help to reach the market place and target audiences, providing continual business mentoring and health checking. Also if you are set to sail but are not familiarized with the sea currents, we can guide you step by step to get all the resources your need, in line with Mexican laws in areas such as civil, labour, trading, taxes, commercial, immigration, strategic exporting/importing, to avoid future stress and possible fines that may have a huge impact on your company’s cash flow. IBEC act as a business-networking hub. Offering out a helping hand to the client business and primarily acting as brokers, branching out to that specific expertise as and when you need consultants, trainers, lawyers, accountants or venture capitalists.


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