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Traditional Personal Service

Either as a company or as an individual, IBEC will help you to achieve full command of Business English. We firmly believe that traditional business values will take you and your projects further onward onto that successful road than other enterprises that are oblivious to a sense of decorum, gentlemen’s agreements, good manners and good old-fashioned boardroom etiquette.

Our primary goal is to enhance your professional skills while boosting your knowledge of the Business English environment. Dynamic diversity is the IBEC Teaching Method making learning enjoyable and challenging.

Always flexible, we aim to please; we aim to serve.

We offer in excess 90 individually crafted services to help you and your business grow and compete in Business English internationally.


They are packaged together in the following 3 modules:


  1. BET - Business English Teaching
  2. BPB - Business Planning & Brokering
  3. BFM - Business Financial Management


Please take a peak in each section to know our services in detail.

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Our office hours are
8am-6pm, Monday to Friday